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Increasing Reading Scores in At-Risk Schools

“Through the partnership of Donna Whyte and ESGI… District A’s Middle School became the highest growth ranking of any middle school in the state.”

Dr. Schwemmer documents the outstanding success of her district. Partnering with Donna Whyte, an internationally known education expert who works with some of the lowest performing public schools, her district identified curriculum and resources that make a difference.

“An astonishing 99.16% of respondents said they were making a difference on a daily basis.”

The largest survey of Kindergarten teachers ever conducted indicated that Kindergarten teachers are “passionate… and enthusiastic about their roles in the lives of children.”

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ESGI is an online, subscription-based platform that meets the criteria for multiple funding sources:


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Building a Data-Informed School Culture

Explore seven powerful ways to build a data-informed school culture that empowers educators, students, and parents alike.

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With ESGI, teachers can connect with students, identify learning gaps, and differentiate instruction in 3 easy steps!

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