Increase Reading Scores in At-Risk Schools

10% Increase In Students Meeting ELA Targets

Donna Whyte, an internationally known education expert works with some of the lowest performing public schools. Her research identified curriculum and resources that make a difference.

 Top Research Findings

  • After implementation of ESGI and the Reading Aptitude Continuum, the district had 10.1% increase in meeting targets in English Language Arts 
  • Middle school achievement rose from 2.6% to 13.1% meeting targets in English Language Arts 
  • The District moved up 21 rankings in comparison to all Illinois schools on the same report 
Dr. Gabrielle Schwemmer, Illinois Superintendent, conducted research on the work of Donna Whyte. According to Dr. Schwemmer, “through the implementation and data analysis of the Reading Aptitude Continuum created by Donna Whyte, the district is experiencing great achievement in literacy.  The PARCC scores have generously increased, due to the implementation of Daily 5 and focus on literacy.” 

Using her continuum and ESGI, middle school achievement rose from “2.6% to 13.1% meeting targets in English Language Arts on PARCC and surpassed 68 schools according to’s rankings of Illinois schools, becoming the highest growth ranking of any middle school in the state.” 

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About the Author of the Reading Aptitude Continuum

 As a frequent presenter at conferences and seminars across the country, Donna Whyte is known for her positive attitude, her high energy, and her many practical ideas for educators. She also describes herself as a “childhood troublemaker!“ So she speaks from experience as she tells what works both for teachers and for “problem students.”

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