Kindergarten Assessment for Early Childhood Education

What is Kindergarten Assessment?

A kindergarten assessment allows teachers to evaluate student understanding and achievement toward mastery of specific skills. Teachers can conduct kindergarten assessments at any time, including several times a week or benchmark timelines provided by districts. To collect real-time data, teachers can use short, targeted tests on ESGI to provide immediate feedback about performance to both students and parents.

Teachers can use this feedback to guide their instruction, re-teach skills that have not been mastered, and group students for additional support or intervention.

How do teachers benefit:

  • Successfully monitoring student progress in all subject areas at home and at school
  • Integrating custom assessments from early childhood experts
  • Motivating students with online testing and colorful charts
  • Increasing communication with personalized parent letters and reports
  • Easily converting paper and pencil assessments into online assessments
  • Customizing and sharing assessments with colleagues

A teacher doing a kindergarten assessment

Why is Real Time Data So Important for Teachers Conducting a Kindergarten Assessment?

With real time data, teachers have reports which show how to guide their instruction and target specific learning concepts for struggling students. ESGI teachers report that they conduct kindergarten assessments two to three times a week allowing them to refine lesson plans and re-teach difficult concepts.

An array of reports from the Student Detail Report to the Growth Over Time Report provide real time data against standards achievement and concept acquisition. Teachers have never had this much relevant data to review immediately after completing an assessment.

What Type of Kindergarten Assessment Tests Does ESGI Include?

ESGI empowers teachers by providing over 2,000 customizable kindergarten assessment tests that are preloaded. Many of these assessments are created by the “Friends of the ESGI”, a diverse group of industry experts and luminaries who have aligned their content with their ESGI assessments.

Even better, teachers can choose any test and then modify or tailor it to their classroom or district needs.

Schools and districts have the option to create tests for all teachers and share them across the school or district, making Kindergarten Assessment common across the district.

How Does ESGI Assist Kindergarten Teachers with Engaging Parents?

Kindergarten teachers knows the importance of involving parents in the learning process. Each ESGI assessment generates customized parent letters identifying areas of achievement and areas of improvement. Personalized flashcards can also be generated to share with parents, strengthening the home-school relationship.

Parent conferences are easier than ever when teachers share pie charts and graphs which precisely illustrate a student’s performance.

A student doing a kindergarten assessment with his teacher

Why Do ESGI Teachers Have More Time for Instruction?

Still using paper and pencil to track progress? Teachers using ESGI Kindergarten Progress Monitoring save 400 hours by simplifying progress monitoring and letting teachers do what they do best – teach. Students can be called up to the teacher’s desk and be assessed on a tablet or laptop by providing simple yes/no answers to test questions. Assessing an entire class can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Think about what you could do with all those extra hours. Differentiated learning. One-on-one instruction. Time for your family at home. A new hobby.

Does ESGI Have Training and Support for Teachers?

Yes, ESGI provides extensive opportunities for teachers to master Kindergarten Progress Monitoring. ESGI’s Virtual Training Academy is available to all ESGI subscribers. In addition, Getting Started videos, just-in-time help, and numerous support pages provide teachers with the online tools that make using ESGI so easy.

ESGI customer service agents, marketing experts and product developers focus exclusively on providing teachers with the best possible solutions and experiences for Kindergarten Progress Monitoring. Real-time chat, phone support, and email are all ways teachers can engage the ESGI team to maximize their benefits from ESGI.

Can Administrators Monitor Class and School Progress?

Yes, Kindergarten Progress Monitoring with ESGI also benefits administrators. In addition to improving instruction by allowing more time for teachers to guide instruction, with ESGI’s free administrator accounts, administrators can:

  • Access real-time student performance data for every student, class, and teacher
  • Filter and analyze all reports by teacher, school, or district
  • Simplify Kindergarten placement with free pre-assess accounts

With ESGI, kindergarten progress monitoring results can now inform administrators on areas of the curriculum that may need additional support or resources.

When Can I Get Started Using ESGI’s Kindergarten Progress Monitoring?

The answer is simple: Right Now!

ESGI offers a 60-day free trial with no credit card needed. Start your trial now and you can begin saving 400 hours today!

A teacher administering a kindergarten assessment

Check out this additional article to see how ESGI helps with Easy Kindergarten Progress Monitoring.

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