Empower your teachers with ongoing progress monitoring

Real-time data in no time at all

Designed for Pre-K through 2nd Grade teachers and specialists, ESGI makes it easy for administrators to monitor classroom, school and district performance, identify areas of concern, and assess student growth and identify learning gaps with real-time data.

Make data-informed decisions

Assess student growth and identify learning gaps with real-time data

Empower teachers to make data-informed decisions

Drive meaningful change in your school or district with actionable data

Are you ready to track progress for your school or district?

All Admin plans include:

District plans include:

Implementing ESGI is simple

Educators can start assessing students almost immediately using the over 2,500 pre-loaded tests and free support services. Our customer success and support teams get your school or district up and running quickly, and remain with you every step of the way.

Roster students with automated importing options or Integrate with Clever, Classlink, or Aeries
Schedule free online training webinars, on-demand how-to videos, and training materials
Access over 2,500 pre-loaded assessments – or create your own!

Funding options

ESGI is an online, subscription-based platform that meets the criteria for multiple funding sources:

ESGI allows teachers to

Improve learning & guide instruction

Increase parent engagement

Monitor student growth across content areas

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