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What if there was a better way to track progress across content areas? ESGI has automation that lets you leave pencil and paper behind.

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Monitor student growth across content areas

Pre-Kindergarten & Transitional Kindergarten

ESGI’s Pre-Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten assessments include basic developmental skills and observational assessments.


ESGI’s pre-loaded Kindergarten assessments are standards-aligned knowledge and skills assessments that were developed by education luminaries who have decades of experience in early childhood education.

First Grade

First Grade teachers excel in individualizing instruction for all learners. Our assessments cater to individual needs.

Second Grade

Second Grade teachers can get their class state-test ready with data-informed instruction customized for all learners.

Special Education

Special Education teachers leverage ESGI for differentiated instruction by utilizing developmentally appropriate tests and tracking and reporting IEP goals.


For Intervention teachers, ESGI proves invaluable for progress monitoring. Make informed decisions, adjust interventions as necessary, and ensure the best possible support for each student’s progress and success.

Funding options

ESGI is an online, subscription-based platform that meets the criteria for multiple funding sources:

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