Over 2,500 Pre-loaded Assessments

Custom tests by our Friends of ESGI! Many of the custom assessments that you’ve been asking for are now available in digital format at no extra cost with your ESGI subscription!

Letters Alive & Math Alive

Kinder-CCSS & Guiding Math & Reading

Guided Math/K-2

Texas TEKS/1st Grade

Sight Words in Context (K 1)

ELA & ScienceKinder Math

PK-2 Early Numeracy and Sensory Motor Skills

Texas TEKS/Kinder

2nd - CCSS

KIDS Tests

Ball Sight Words (Dolch)

Transitional Kinder

PK & Trailblazer

Kindergarten "Happies" Series

Basic Skills/K

Phonological Awareness-K/1


Kindergarten "Happies" Series

TN Portfolio (PK K)

K/1st-CCSS & ReadingPK

HeidiSongs & Gr.1-2 Sight Words

Texas TEKS/2nd Grade

K-CCSS & Delaware KAP

PK - 3rd Sight Words (Dolch)

Differentiated Math Series

Reading & SEL

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